Our History

In 1987, the Greek subsidiary of ICTS Europe, ICTS LTD, was established in Athens. The company operated mainly at Athens State Airport and provided security services to major U.S. and Canada air carriers as TWA, Pan Am, and Delta Air Lines.

By 1996, ICTS Hellas had extended its operations to all aspects of Aviation and General Security, meeting the needs of air carriers, ground handlers, corporate facilities etc.

In 2000, the consortium of ICTS-3D-Wackenhut, under the operational supervision of ICTS, took over the security screening of passengers and hand baggage at the new Athens International Airport (AIA) “Eleftherios Venizelos”. North American air carriers and AIA would have become long-lasting partners of ICTS until present.

In 2004, during the Athens Olympic Games ICTS Hellas delivered an extended set of services to Athens International Airport, regional state airports, cruise ships and the Olympic Village.

In 2006, ICTS Hellas was awarded the Athens International Airport contract for passenger & hand luggage Screening in the Extra Schengen Area. A dedicated team of top security experts delivered a detailed plan aiming forAIA’s full compliance with the new EU regulations for Critical Parts. As a result, AIA topped European airports in the implementation of 2320/2002 and 1138/2004 EU Directives.

In 2012, ICTS Cyprus was established by ICTS Europe and brought under the umbrella of ICTS Hellas. The subsidiary entered the domestic market by offering security services to critical infrastructures and VIPs.

In 2013, ICTS Hellas, leveraging on its aviation security experience, extended its inherent skill sets into the Maritime Security arena by taking over security projects at critical ports across Greece.

In 2015, the company held the leading position in the Greek maritime security market and a dominant share in the aviation security sector, servicing 10 international airports, numerous international airlines and 20 ports and ports facilities nationwide.

In 2017, ICTS Hellas has been awarded with 4* by the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM levels of Excellence 2017), as well as one of the companies with the Best Workplace for 2017 in 250+ employees category.