What We Do

One of the largest security solutions providers in Greece, ICTS Hellas secures the business continuity and daily operations of Greece’s leading organizations in the area of aviation, maritime and general security,

We work to the highest level of customer service in some of the most operationally challenging environments, whilst complying with the most stringent of security standards.

Our employees are highly trained and have extensive experience in profiling, travel documents clearance, physical control and security of critical parts.

Every year we:

  • Provide the most highly trained staff nationwide in the areas of profiling, travel documents check, physical control and critical parts’ security
  • Sustain a high level of customer service and satisfaction in demanding security environments
  • Prevent fines for our airline clients totaled up to 3 million euros
  • Screen approximately 8 million items of hand-baggage

  • Serve about 10 million passengers

  • Accommodate more than 4.6 million cruise passengers

  • Trace more than 310,000 dangerous/forbidden items

  • Screen 120,000 tons of freights

  • x-ray 1.5 million airport cargo items