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ICTS Hel­las has been preserving security operations at Athens Airport for over the last 10 years with more than 550 agents been employed for the total Aviation Security Services including but not limited to: passenger screening, Hold Baggage Screening, Access Control and Critical Parts Guarding, Aircraft Guarding, Documents Check, Cargo security.

What we did:

In 2005, a team assembled by leading aviation security and security technological experts of ICTS Hellas delivered to AIA a comprehensive study of the airport’s restricted areas and de­veloped a detailed plan to ensure full compliance of AIA with the new EU regulations for Critical Parts.

ICTS Hellas in 2007 undertook the Passenger and Hand Baggage Screening project at the Athens International Airport, in particular at the Extra-Schengen Area.

In 2009, ICTS Hellas undertook the Critical Parts of AIA, as well as the VIP Facility Security, and renews the Passenger and Hand Baggage screening at Extra-Schengen Area.

What we achieved:

  • AIA positioned itself as leading airport in Europe regarding the implementation of the Directives 2320/2002 and 1138/2004.

  • Athens International Airport achieved full compliance with international and national secu­rity regulations regarding Critical Parts. It repeatedly excels in external audits conducted by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) and other international regulators and Air­lines.

  • Annually ICTS Hellas goes through 175 external audits and inspections with 0 findings and 0 penalties.

  • Nearly 90% of aviation security respondents to a Customer Satisfaction Survey held every year are Satisfied or Very Satisfied with their actual experience at Athens and the Region.

  • Passengers are checked within a minute from the moment they arrive at the Security Checkpoint (X-Ray reception).