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ICTS Albania Shpk, which operates under the regional management of ICTS Hellas, has been providing through a contract which runs till today provides a total airport security solution in Tirana including passenger & hand baggage screening, hold baggage screening, cargo security, catering security, patrolling, access control, aircraft guarding, VIP screening, and ad-hoc services at Tirana International Airport “Nene Tereza”. The annual turnover for this project is 1.850.000€ and gives employment to 124 agents.

The Challenge:

A consortium led by Hochtief AirPort assumed management of Tirana Nënë Tereza in April 2005, and construction of a new passenger terminal was commissioned shortly afterwards. To attract foreign carriers and serve additional destinations, the airport had to demonstrate that it complies fully with all international regulations for air travel, and particularly those pertaining to safety and security. With the privatisation process only just completed, selecting a security partner that would see it through the early stages of operations was crucial if the airport was to achieve compliance with international standards. Furthermore, being a new build, an entirely new security infrastructure was to be established, including operational manuals, quality procedures and training. The airport’s requirements were twofold: a service provider that meets the stringent security requirements, who is also able to adapt to increases in passenger volume, with the number of passengers growing over 130% in just 8 years.

The Solution:

ICTS delivered a staffing plan designed to recruit, train and equip around 130 staff, including 70 x-ray operators, 40 perimeter and access control guards, and around 20 duty managers and supervisors. ICTS Albania rapidly introduced recruitment and training procedures from job specifications, interviews and vetting through to selection processes and training manuals. Computerised recruitment and training tools where deployed to optimize both functions. Operational Procedures and Quality Policies, aimed at fulfilling international security and quality standards were prepared. As part of the new Quality System, reporting formats and communication policies were agreed upon with the airport management to ensure transparency at all times.

The Outcome:

• Traffic volume was increased by 145% in 9 years, with passenger numbers growing from 730,000 in 2005 to nearly 1.8 million in 2013.

• Tirana airport achieved full compliance with national and international security regulations. It repeatedly excels in external audits conducted by the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) and other international regulators.

• The ACAA regularly commends ICTS for the performance level of its security staff and the quality of its training.

• The ACAA certified ICTS’ Computer Based Training system – Eagle – as an approved training solution for X-ray screening. Eagle is currently deployed to provide basic and recurrent training.

• Nearly 92% of respondents to a Customer Satisfaction Survey held in 2013 stated that they are Satisfied or Very Satisfied with their actual experience at Tirana.

• Annual ratings of Security & Immigration show that the security staff are performing well in all areas, where Courtesy & Helpfulness of Security Staff attained the highest satisfaction rating (91% of respondents), followed by Thoroughness of Security Inspection (89%).

• Innovative queue management tools resulted in 88% of passengers rating waiting time at Security Inspection as Short or Very Short.

• ICTS Albania has been instrumental in cementing Tirana Airport’s image as a state-of-the-art gateway to southeast Europe. In 2008, only 3 years through the contract, the airport received the Albanian Leadership award for “offering a new vision for the metropolitan region of Tirana”.