ICTS Hellas announces “Be ICTS” scholarship winners

22 March 2017

ICTS Hellas offers an opportunity for 6 young individuals to obtain a security agent professional license and pursue a career in the security business. The awardees’ announcement comes to conclude the “Be ICTS” initiative, which was launched on the occasion of ICTS Hellas’ 30-year anniversary.

The applicants who met both the eligibility and social/financial criteria (family income,  children or parents of single parent families or families with 3 children or more) are the following (location of interest in brackets):

  • Despina Pikouli (Athens)
  • Panagiotis Giannoulis (Athens)
  • Stamatia Kaliva (Athens) 
  • Athanassios Koukidis (Athens)
  • Thomas Georgalis (Athens)
  • Panagiotis Papadopoulos (Patmos)

The offering includes full coverage of the cost for obtaining a security agent professional license and a CAA screener/guard certification, as well as full-time employment as security agent in ICTS Hellas. By accepting the offer, beneficiaries should promptly attend basic training seminars in a certified vocational training center.

«We are excited to empower young people to develop their professional skills and, eventually, become part of ICTS Hellas’ team. We congratulate them on their selection and wish them every success in the future» said Christos Maniatopoulos, Finance & Administration Manager, ICTS Hellas.