ICTS Hellas supports "Delta Air Lines Athens – Day of Hope"

21 May 2018

Delta Day of Hope


The “ATHENS Day of Hope by Delta Air Lines” was held on Wednesday, the 9th of May at Athens International Airport.

The Delta Day of Hope represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one-day cancer will be eliminated. Each airport location hosts fundraising activities, participates in online fundraising, and continues to fundraise at the Relay. The Delta Day of Hope has been expanded Internationally the last years and is always in May. The plan is to fundraise mainly at their check-in area by having a table presenting all the goods that are planned to be offered and raise funds for the American Cancer Society. 

In addition, all Delta Air Lines check-in agents wore a special purple t-shirt with the Delta logo and the American Cancer Society logo.

ICTS Hellas supported this great cause and our security agents - wearing the purple t-shirt, so there was a team presentation – showed that the spirit of the Athens team is with those who lost their lives because of cancer, with those who suffer because of cancer and fight, so cancer to be eliminated!  

Also, having an active corporate social responsibility, we donate an amount for this great aim as Cancer has touched all of us in some way and we want to contribute to stop this disease in its tracks.

It was proven once more that ICTS Hellas and Delta Air Lines are great partners even to the fight to cancer!